Casalmaggiore Antonio Albanese

“Characters” at Cinema Teatro Zenith Friday 12th January at 09.00 p.m.

On stage men from nothern and suthern Italy, men tall and short, men fat and thin, rich and poor, optimist and indifferent. Irreverent and grotesque masks mirror a reality watched with careful eye to catch its faults, habits and tics.
A gallery of anti-heroes that unveil a world of obsessions, fears, delusions of omnipotence and shortcuts, but where eventually poetry finds its place.

“I wish that after one of my shows everyone would feel a little less alone, a little happier, a little stronger, I would like to embrace them all. Laughter is a hug, a need that will always be there. ”
Antonio Albanese

From official website page: http://www.antonioalbanese.info/teatro.html


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