In Piazza del Comune at Cremona from July 7th to  August 11th

The Festival AcqueDotte “At Cremona three big concerts in the sign of the pop with Max GazzèNek Francesco Renga  and five refined evenings  between jazz and author’s music with Enrico RavaGaetano CurreriSarah McKenzie,  the artists of the project  MIDJ and the unreleased duo  Enzo Favata-Mario Tozzi.

10th July ’17

Ore 09:30 pm – Unici in Tour – Piazza del Comune Cremona

Twenty years ago Filippo “Nek” Neviani presented on the stage of the Sanremo Laura Festival there is not. At the time, in the race, the track did not win but the single became a worldwide success that brought the album (you, your friends and everything else) to sell 2 million copies and get 6 Platinum disks. A long wave that continues today with the inclusion of Laura there is no more than 200 compilations for about 20 million copies sold. It was the definitive international launch of an artist who has since played a career of success. Even the latest album, Unici, is already a great success in the world.


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