ZIBELLO 1st • 2nd • 3rd • JUNE 2018

Enogastronomic and cultural kermesse dedicated to the King of Salumi

Where: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 44, 43010 Zibello PR

From 1st to 3rd June 4 days are waiting for us to celebrate the Culatello di Zibello …

The king of charcuterie from tradition to our tables

The Culatello di Zibello is heritage, richness, of that particular land lying along the great river Po and shrouded in fog, which is a determining factor, irreplaceable climate regime for the maturation and maturation of the King of Salumi, whose art, handed down through generations , embodies the history of a land, the traditions of its people and the characteristics of the particular climate.
From the cellars of the Bassa Parmense to the national tables, the Culatello route has historically been anything but short.
For many centuries, in fact, the name and prestige of Culatello remained confined to the areas of origin; heritage of the people of the Bassa that alone could appreciate its taste and keep its secrets. (taken from http://www.consorziodelculatellodizibello.it/)

During the festival you can visit …

20 MAGGIO 2018
Museo dela Civiltà Contadina
20 MAGGIO 2018
Il Cinematografo


Friday 1st June

5,30 pm –  Inauguration of the 33rd Festival of Culatello di Zibello with ribbon cutting by the Authorities
6.30 pm – “Passaggi d’Acqua” – Inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to the history of the river boats of the Po. Conference dedicated to the Great River with the presence of students and lovers of the river Po in collaboration with Archivio di stato di Parma – Teatro Pallavicino
7.30 pm – PalaCulatello and Gastronomic Stand Opening – Welcome Aperitif and Gastronomic Stand Opening / Cocktail Party and Beer Festival
9.30 pm – Dyssov  – Live concert of young local talents
ore 22.00 – Jassie Diamond

Saturday 2nd June

10.00 am and throughout the day
– Market of History and Antiquity, Hobbies and Fashion
– Inauguration of the artist’s Surrealist exhibition Lorenzo Dondi – Sala Civica Pallavicino
– Luna Park
– Medieval Artists Traveling show and street artists
11.30 am – Palaculatello opening and Gastronomic Stand
7.30 pm – Palaculatello opening and Gastonomic Stand
10.00 pm – 7S8

Sunday 3rd June

10.00 am and throughout the day
– Market of History and Antiquity, Hobbies and Fashion
– Luna Park
– RedBullItalia artists
11.00 am
– Exhibition of Vintage Military Vehicles and Historic Tractors
11.30 am – Palaculatello opening and Gastronomic stand
3.00 pm – Panoramic parade of vintage military vehicles
ore 18.00 – Accordion Concert by Daniele Carabetta, Teatro Pallavicino
ore 19.00 – Palaculatello opening and Gastronomic stand
ore 21.30 – Orchestra Daniele Cordani

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