Valentine’s Day

Celebrates Valentine’s Day, Mantua Cremona and Sabbioneta


14 th February 2018

Cinema Teatro Zenith Piazza Garibaldi, 39 – 26041 Casalmaggiore CR at 09.00 p.m.

Pucci in…tolleranza zero

After the 70 sold out replays of the last theater season, Andrea PUCCI returns to the theater with his new In … zero tolerance, an exhilarating show about the fatigue of living at the age of 50. Interacting with new and incomprehensible fashions, with advanced technologies, with children and their devastating and expensive extracurricular activities, makes everyone intolerant. Pucci, burdened by the ailments of the half century, will be forced to revolutionize his life with clinical tests, physical exercises and a new type of diet. The Italian comedian with the most pressing rhythms and the “continuous cycle” energy avoids political satire, preferring that of custom. PUCCI will be accompanied on stage by the notes of the Zurawski live Band.

Caffé Centrale of Casalmaggiore (Tel. +39 0375-42139)

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