Give the perfect holiday gift


A flexible one

You will not be forced to choose a date, the ticket validity lasts 12 months. The recipient of the gift will be welcome in contacting us and choosing the most suitable date.


The walking around shops for the perfect gift era has ended, it will take just one click or a simple e-mail or, if you prefer, a phone call and you’ll get it done! You will only need to print the ticket.

Always appreciated

Whomever is the recipient, whether it is a couple, your parents, a single friend, staying at the Luna Residence HOTEL*** is the perfect getaway to be amazed by Mantua, Parma and Cremona’s many beautiful attractions in the Oglio Po area. We can provide the optimal Business and Leisure accommodation.


1) Generic ticket “Have a nice holiday” 2) Ticket for birthdays or anniversaries “Best wishes” 3) Ticket for speed demons and those passionate about cars and motorbikes “Join the fray” 4) Ticket for those passionate about nature and bike rides “A gift surrounded by nature

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How it works.

Step 1 – Choose the ticket that is most suitable for you. Once you have decided, you can order it directly on our website, or writing an e-mail or calling.
 Remember that you do not need to choose the date at this moment, the ticket can be issued even “available for the next 12 months”

Step 2 – Paying for the ticket. Once you confirmed the aforementioned choices for the gift, you will receive an e-mail with the detail you might need to pay the ticket, (bank account if you are paying with bank transfer, or details for the credit card). Just proceed with the payment and send the receipt to us with the details to customize the ticket: sender, recipient and message.

Step 3 – Sending the printable ticket In a very short time you will receive an e-mail with your high-definition ticket enclosed. It will be ready to be printed and to be given.
Congratulations!!! Your gift is ready!!!

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Click the BOOKING ONLINE button. Enter your arrival and departure dates, in addition to the 1st guest set the the EXTRA BEDS, click Check availability to get the available room list and the price in the selected period. The price is for 1 person, each guest over the first needs to set the Extra Beds.