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26 May 2019


NIGHTS OF MUSIC AT THE DUCHESS’ COURT~ VII EDITION HISTORICAL REGGIA OF COLORNO (PR) – JUNE 26~JULY 10  2019 One of the most suggestive and fascinating summer events is back in the beautiful province of Parma: at the magnificent Reggia of Colorno, not far from Casalmaggiore, the seventh edition of the Summer Reggia Opera Festival will be taking the stage. the programm includes three great lirical productions held in the wonderful sight of the Reggia and  in particular in its […]

17 Feb 2019


YOUR CARNIVAL AT CASALMAGGIORE AMONG THREE PROVINCES CREMONA MANTUA AND PARMA It’s Carnival time! The big party is almost upon us. The Carnival like every year entertains grownup and youngster. The city squares are “invaded” by the fun and the joy of colored masks. The streets are covered with confetti and streamers and animated by allegorical parades and on the stands like in every home the traditional carnival sweets like the “Chiacchiere” light like the words said a little harry […]

16 Feb 2019
Morricone's concert Mantua


VENERDÌ 28 GIUGNO 2019 ESEDRA DI PALAZZO TE ORE 21:15 MANTOVA CONCERTO DI ENNIO MORRICONE Ennio Morricone a Mantova in concerto nella splendida e suggestiva cornice dell’Esedra di Palazzo Te. Morricone ha deciso di tornare a esibirsi per l’ultima serie di concerti e dirigerà personalmente un’orchestra e un coro con più di 200 componenti. 60 Years of Music ~ World Tour È il tour che Morricone ha programmato per celebrare se stesso e i suoi 60 anni nella musica come compositore e direttore […]

10 Feb 2019


FIERE DI BERGAMO FROM 15th TO 17th FEBBUARY FOOD & AGRICULTURE The food is one of the great protagonists, declined in a thousand forms between creativity, art and design. The relationship between agriculture and the environment and eco-sustainable tourism linked to the typical features of a territory. Ample space will also be guaranteed for BIO, vegetarian, BIO-Vegan, macrobiotic and gluten-free foods. SLOW TOURISM The journey should not be understood only as a “passage”. A territory must be discovered, known in […]

09 Feb 2019
Giuseppe Verdi's bronze monument by Luigi Secchi

VOCI VERDIANE | Città di Busseto

11-16 GIUGNO 2019 VOCI VERDIANE Città di Busseto Sul finire della primavera dal 11 al 16 giugno la Città di Busseto ospita il 57° Concorso “VOCI VERDIANE“. La serie di eventi 9 in tutto, totalmente dedicati al Grande Maestro Giuseppe Verdi. Le nuove stelle nascenti, verranno selezionate il 19 aprile e 10 maggio, dopo una scrupolosa valutazione basata su registrazioni audio-video fornite dai concorrenti. Primo Premio “Carlo Bergonzi” nella sua Città di Busseto Il concorso Voci Verdiane Città di Busseto è […]

06 Feb 2019


GONZAGA SATURDAY 16th AND SUNDAY 17TH FEBBRUARY 2019 CARPITALY 2019 GONZAGA All about CARPFISHING and CATFISHING. High-tech equipment for sport and recreational fishing in the Po River. The Carp and the Catfish, two species specietwo species that swim in the waters of our majestic River Po. TWO DAYS OF SHARING AGAINST THE POACHING You can participate in numerous meetings on the theme of poaching. A study necessary to preserve a sport and a natural habitat that attract fishing lovers from all over the […]

02 Feb 2019
Elisa in concert at Parma


Mnday 15th April 2019 at 21:00 Teatro Regio an Opera location for “Diari Aperti Tour” CONCERT ELISA PARMA – “Diari Aperti” Elisa chooses for the tour the enveloping dimension of the theater where she can sing her new album “Diari Aperti”. An intimate dialogue, a sincere story taken from his journals. Music and memories whispered. The feelings of a life, an intimate and sincere poetry. A direct dialogue in some cases to itself, real pages and confessions. CONCERT ELISA PARMA – The Location The […]

30 Jan 2019

Parma Campus Anastasio in concert

11th APRIL 2019 – PARMA ANASTASIO IN CONCERT AT CAMPUS INDUSTRY MUSIC Parma Campus concert by Anastasio live during his tour “La fine del modo” performs in Parma on the stage of the Campus. A disruptive success, at X Factor proved to be a revelation, its energy overwhelms an irrepressible tear to everyday life. Texts in rhy-mes that expand in the imaginary and free themselves as an out-burst. “The end of the world” texts that explode and overwhelm the immobility. PARMA […]

28 Jan 2019


PARMA 7th FEBRUARY at 21:00 – Teatro Regio Cristiano De André, songs at Parma in concert at Regio theater In the wonderful setting of the Teatro Regio in Parma, Cristiano De André presents his new album “STORIA DI UN IMPIEGATO”. The event is inspired by Faber’s famous concept album, which returns to stir up consciences 50 years after the social unrest of 1968. A rock opera with new arrangements, sets and projections, which transform the live into a real multimedia show. Before […]

25 Jan 2019


Monteverdi’s Festival From 28th April to 1st June at Cremona The Monteverdi’s Festival at Cremona is a set of musical events that will be played on the stage of thel Teatro Ponchielli and in some beautiful churches of Cremona.  The concerts are dedicated to the composer CLAUDIO MONTEVERDI the “divin Claudio”. The musics are played by I testi sono suonati da soloists and internationally famous Ensemble. The town of Cremona is “Capital” of music, she has given bith to Antonio Stradivari. He’s the famous violin makerIl celebre liutaio ha […]